The next time you speak to one of our military veterans at Hudson Tool Steel, be sure to thank them for their service.

Employee: Brianne Guers

  • Military Branch: United States Air
  • Force
  • Years of Service: 16
  • Hudson Branch: Nashville, Tennessee
  • With Hudson Since: 2014

Brianne comes from a proud military family. Her father retired from the Air Force after 30 years of service, her brother currently serves in the Air Force. Brianne enlisted in the Air National Guard in 1998 with the 201st Red Horse squadron at Fort Indiantown Gap, Lebanon, PA. Her career field was knowledge management, where she held the following positions; training manager, help desk technician, computer training and database management. She served with Red Horse until 2013, then moved to the 118th communications flight in Nashville, Tennessee, where she finished her service in 2015.  Brianne operates out of the Hudson Tool Steel office in Nashville where she is responsible for some of the largest customers the company serves. From her office Brianne works with customers throughout the northeastern US, south to Tennessee. Brianne’s attention to detail and fantastic work ethic is a great example to all Hudson Tool Steel employees.

Employee: Theresa Brady

  • Military Branch: United States Air Force
  • Years of Service: 8
  • Hudson Branch: Dover, New Hampshire
  • With Hudson Since: 2016

Theresa is the 5th generation of her family to serve and protect our country. Theresa joined the Air Force to continue her family’s proud legacy of defending our country and our freedoms. Theresa served in inventory management for the bomber and tanker fleets at multiple bases; Griffiss AFB in New York, Hickam AFB in Hawaii, and Hanscom AFB in Massachusetts. She was responsible for finding and ordering parts from suppliers around the world to keep the aircraft she supported flying. Theresa joined Hudson as a sales assistant almost two years ago. In her position Theresa has been responsible for just about everything that happens from the time our customers order the steel to the time they take it off the truck. Theresa is moving ahead, now at the point in which she is taking orders and dealing with customers more directly. Theresa is a joy to work with and keeps us all smiling.

Employee: Jared Reis

  • Military Branch: United States Navy
  • Years of Service: 4
  • Hudson Branch: Anaheim, California
  • With Hudson Since: 2016

Jared enlisted in the U.S. Navy out of a desire to serve, to make a difference, and to be part of something bigger than himself. During his time in the Navy, Jared served as Master-At-Arms as well as an anti-terrorism law enforcement officer. In addition, Jared served as a tactical boat operator, watch commander and in-depth firearms techniques training. He helped stand up the first base in over 40 years doing convoy security and base offense in Deveselu, Romania. Jared joined Hudson’s Anaheim, CA warehouse staff a fourteen months ago and has become proficient as a machine operator as well as many other warehouse duties necessary to process and ship steel from our California location. We are excited to have Jared on our team in Anaheim and we look forward to his future with the company.

Employee: Wayne Williams

  • Military Branch: United States Army
  • Years of Service: 14 (Still Serving in the Army Reserve)
  • Hudson Branch: Anaheim, California
  • With Hudson Since: 2017

Wayne joined the United States Army to serve something greater than himself.  Following enlistment, he spent the next seven years on active duty, including two tours of duty in Iraq as a Reconnaissance Specialist (scout), serving as the eyes and ears of the battlefield. Wayne collected intelligence information, tracking and reporting enemy activity, and capturing or engaging the enemy.  Wayne is now an Automated Logistics Specialist in the Army Reserve where he provides logistical and operational support and serves as a trainer of various military tactics, techniques and procedures.  We appreciate Wayne’s experience and contributions to Hudson Tool Steel and its customers, every day.

Employee: Dwayne A. Elliott

  • Military Branch: United States Navy
  • Years of Service: 3
  • Hudson Branch: Anaheim, California
  • With Hudson Since: 2011

Dwayne grew up admiring those who served their Country, he also has a love for the sea and an interest in different cultures.  Dwayne knew the military would make him a better person and provide an environment of teamwork; looking long term, the GI Bill provided educational assistance for further career development.  Dwayne was deployed throughout the Pacific, serving as a Radioman, responsible for transmitting and receiving radio signals and processing telecommunications.  He also maintained voice and data circuits, handling classified material.  Dwayne’s commitment and ‘can do’ attitude is very much appreciated here at Hudson Tool Steel.

Employee: Steven Paez

  • Military Branch: United States Marine Corp
  • Years of Service: 5
  • Hudson Branch: Anaheim, California
  • With Hudson Since: 2004

Steven grew up seeing the sacrifices his father, Uncles and neighbors made for this Country and felt he needed to serve as well. He was young when he enlisted in the Marine Corp and really wasn’t sure what he was getting himself into, but the Corp helped him figure that out, quickly – God, Corp, and Country.  The Marine Corp helped Steven take responsibility and focus on what was most important.  He carries that training forward with him today.  Stephen amassed considerable training and life experience during his enlistment and two West Pac deployments.  We appreciate the focus, commitment and dedication instilled into Stephen by the United States Marine Corp and we know our customer’s do too.

Employee: Marcus Steward

  • Military Branch: United States Navy
  • Years of Service: 6
  • Hudson Branch: Anaheim
  • With Hudson Since: 2017

Marcus saw the U.S. Navy as a way to see the World, which he did with deployments to Iraq, Iran, Philippines, Africa, Malaysia, Hawaii, China, Australia, and Israel, just to name a few.  As a Radioman 3rd Class Petty Officer aboard ship, Marcus was responsible for disseminating cryptographic messages within the fleet.  He set up radio circuits, ran the teletype machine and had the distinction of being the Antenna Petty Officer of the ship, responsible for all maintenance of the ships many communications antennas.  Marcus’ attention to detail and ability to manage himself and others makes him an excellent asset to Hudson Tool Steel and its customers.