Get the Most Out of Your Tooling

The most common mistake made when selecting tooling material is letting low price drive the selection process over productivity and tool life considerations. When price alone is the driving influence, it usually ends badly with everything grinding to a halt. Parts aren’t being made, quite often there is a cascade of downstream consequences as well.

There […]

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A Business Case for Precision Ground Flat Tool Steel

We all know the old saying, ‘time is money,’ but nobody knows it better than a production job shop or OEM manufacturer.  It’s all about time – cycle time, down time, turn-around time, just-in-time and the list goes on.  Time is not only an economic driver for all shops, it is also a major factor […]

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Stamping and Forming Applications

Are you getting the most out of your punches and dies, or just carrying on?

Complacency is one of the biggest contributors to low productivity on the shop floor. Every time a machine is taken offline for a punch or die change due to wear or breakage, production comes to a grinding halt. Too often shops […]

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