We all know the old saying, ‘time is money,’ but nobody knows it better than a production job shop or OEM manufacturer.  It’s all about time – cycle time, down time, turn-around time, just-in-time and the list goes on.  Time is not only an economic driver for all shops, it is also a major factor when managing customer expectations and overall satisfaction.  In this regard, time shares the spotlight with quality and price.

Better – Faster – Cheaper

Precision Ground Flat Tool Steel can reduce material preparation and overall cycle times considerably. The larger the production job, the greater the overall time savings.  Ground Flat Stock is available in various grades and standard size tolerances for quick turn-around – usually 24-hours.  Because Ground Flat Stock arrives square, flat, free of surface blemishes and at near net dimensions, it is ready to go directly into finish production or heat treating.

Custom Ground Flat Stock is also available on request and can be provided to net size, tolerance and surface finish specifications.  In a production environment, Custom Ground Flat Stock can further reduce bottlenecks by minimizing additional milling operations.

Precision Ground Flat Stock contributes to overall quality as well.   Each part is consistent from one to the next, which reduces set up time and provides uniform production processing.

You will spend a little more for Precision Ground Flat Stock over straight saw cut material, but in a production environment the time savings, uniformity of parts and reduced bottlenecks, allowing for faster shipping of finished parts, will more than make up for it.

For the past fifteen years Hudson Tool Steel has been supplying customers around the country with the very best tool steel, backed with exceptional service and technical support. Hudson Tool Steel stocks all standard grades and sizes of tool steel as well as high speed steel and specialty grades.

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Rick Resner